Are you looking to design your dream home landscape? Lucky for you, when it comes to gardening ideas of 2018, we’ve compiled some affordable and inspiring landscaping ideas that are sweeping South African homes by storm. While setting up a colourful rose garden, installing a super flashy water feature and an over-scaled chess game, will make an unforgettable impression (if you happen to live in the swanky suburb of Sandhurst), our simple, affordable and inspiring landscaping ideas are not only guaranteed to spice up your home, but they also add significant value to your property.

#1 Plant Indigenous Perennials

Did you know that a garden alive with bees and butterflies is a sign of a healthy garden? Every garden, no matter the size, relies on both water and its own eco-system for survival. Believe it or not, there are more than 1 000 types of bees, 900 resident and migrant bird species, and over 650 species of butterflies that reside in South Africa? While adding life and movement to your outdoor space can be quite a challenge – get your garden abuzz and aflutter with indigenous perennials. Providing colour, pollen, form, light and shade all year round – not only are perennials better suited to our climate and soil type, which enables them to cope with our harsh summers and cold winters, but indigenous perennials rely on rainwater, which makes them drought resistant and maintenance free.

#2 Do Something Different than the Standard Average Paving

If you’re looking for a ‘wow’ feature, then why not add something different than the same old paving design. Why not make a great focal point with a circular paved, textured pattern? There is nothing stopping you from getting someone who works with cement to do it for you. Or, you could even do it yourself. Not only is it fashionable, but it also makes a landscape look polished and loved. This 2018 landscaping idea gives a little something different than the standard paved tiles that everyone has, and with beautiful detailing and outer textures, this is a landscaping idea that is contemporary, elegant, and classic with a rustic charm.

An Affordable Splash Plunge All-Natural Pool

While an all-natural cement splash pool that has two natural organic filters may seem a little expensive – it’s the cheapest and healthiest pool in the world. An all-natural splash pool that gives you that tranquil spa feeling without chlorine – you’re going to wish you had built it years ago. The first filter is composed of a large mesh bag of whole grain salts mixed with activated charcoal. The second filter is made up of golden orb lilies that look absolutely stunning when they open during the day. When the pump is switched on, the water runs through the first filter and then trickles over into the second filter, which then trickles over into the pool.

Do Yourself a Favour and Invest in a Water Tank

While we all know that the Western Cape, mostly Cape Town and Beaufort West, have been hit hard by a serious drought. Fortunately, this all-natural plunge pool uses tank water (rainwater), which when emptied, should be recycled into your vegetable patch or rose garden. An all-natural splash pool looks beautiful and it keeps you feeling re-re-energised each time you jump in. It’s truly an incredible landscaping idea for 2018, and considering that a water crisis can happen anywhere, one should always be prepared by collecting water with a tank. Also, did you know that by having a pool and great curb appeal can add up to 20% to your asking price, should you decide to sell your home?

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