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Online shopping has truly become the way things are done nowadays. However, when you think of online shopping, what comes to mind? Many would probably say clothing, merchandise, accessories, maybe even toys and books. But not many people would think of plants. You’re probably thinking to yourself: “Wait, I can order plants online?”

For years it was common practice to go directly to a nursery, pick your plants, the pots you want to put them in, and other garden essentials, pay, and then head home. It is also quite difficult for many people to imagine ordering a live plant online. And, not to mention, the stress that comes with ordering and delivering. What if you get the product name wrong and order something completely different than what you wanted? Or overspend because there may have been additional charges that weren’t clearly indicated on the site? And who can you ask for help? There’s no need to panic because Windy Willows is here to put your worries to rest.


Why Should You Order Plants Online?Order Plants Online - Windy Willows

At Windy Willows, we have made online shopping available to all our customers. So, we have first-hand experience to guide you through the process. You may find that it may actually be simpler to order plants online.

Firstly, you don’t need to worry about ordering the wrong stock as most online stores will allow you to search for exactly what you need. Our handy Plant Selector allows you to narrow down your search for the exact plant you are looking for. Filtering your search would make the results even more specific and would save you mounds of time.

You also don’t have to be concerned about spending more than you were expecting as our product pricing is 100% accurate. We offer a pricing sheet specifically so that you are aware of the costs involved. And, if you need assistance, a quick contact button will allow you to send us your enquiry instantly. We make shopping online hassle-free and enjoyable!


Are There Benefits to Online Plant Shopping?

There are several benefits that you can enjoy when you order plants online:

  1. Convenience: Many of us find driving around in our free time to be a hassle and much rather enjoy the comfort of our own homes. Plant shopping also requires that you have adequate transport to move sizeable plants and products without damaging them. Instead, you can shop from the convenience of your home or anywhere and count on professional delivery services to deliver your purchases to your doorstep. If you are located in Gauteng, Windy Willows can deliver your plants, additives, and other items directly to you.
  2. Cost-effective: When you order plants online, you are saving money. Because you are not driving, you save money on petrol to start with. Product prices online also need to stay competitive. So, you will likely enjoy more discounts, specials and bargains when you order plants online. Stores will point you to any items that are on sale. What a bargain!
  3. Added variety: One of the most frustrating things about in-store has to be not finding what you’re looking for. Just imagine, you drive all the way to a nursery, looking for that perfect Confetti Bush as you’d like to plant a hedge, only to find they don’t have it in stock. Online shopping offers more and varied stock and you will know immediately if the product is not available, so you won’t have to waste time commuting.

If you want to keep your garden shopping quick, simple and convenient, then order plants online today, at Windy Willows. Contact us – we are happy to assist.


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