Winter is a Great Time to Meander Through a Nursery

We might be in the heart of winter right now, but smart gardeners use this season to stroll through a nursery, planning for spring. Even if you have a well-established and thriving garden, gardens are dynamic things. In fact, plants are dynamic things, and there is always a spot here and there where you need something to fill up, bind soil, or shade over whatever will be underneath. That’s just gardening – it’s always a work in progress! And it’s a thrill for gardeners to escape the urgency of summer – running around in between rainstorms, trying to coax as much out of the growing season as possible – and enjoy the slower pace of winter.

You will, of course, find winter growing and flowering plants at nurseries at this time of year, and South Africans are spoiled by winter-flowering aloes, proteas, and a large variety of indigenous and exotic bulbs and annuals each year. Most smart gardeners ambling through the local nursery, however, will be eyeing those bare spots and shopping for what to do when summer comes again. Wandering through a nursery is also a therapeutic experience, as seasoned gardeners know – we don’t need psychology to tell us how beneficial it is to be surrounded by all that greenery, natural texture, and colour.

Your Local Nursery is a Pool of Well-Being

It’s hard to imagine any other industry that comes with such genuine value to consumers. A plant is a great product! Sustainability and green living are de rigueur for all in this era, and few other things come with such honest value as plants. Few other products increase in aesthetic and overall value like plants do too, and it’s not hard to see why dedicated gardeners get such a thrill from their passion. Green things: good for you, good for the earth – that’s a nursery’s value right there. Nike might have a better marketing campaign, but no other products come with such a huge plus!

Time spent shopping for plants in a nursery is time well spent. Science has demonstrated what all of that green filtering through our eyes does for our disposition and contentment, and there’s just the thrill of buying something living, something that shouts “Life!” in a loud green voice. A nursery is like the epicentre of all of our green consciousness, made real. Shopping for plants has to be the most therapeutic shopping on the planet.

Windy Willows is a Grower’s Nursery

When you feel the need to stroll through rows of beautiful greenery, expand your understanding of suitable plants for your particular garden, or just feel like getting out and about after a long stay indoors during the lockdown, come to Windy Willows. We’re growers that have been supplying the retail and landscaping trades for decades, and we guarantee you’ll feel like a changed person after walking through our farm.

Window shopping, landscape designing, or filling out a list of needed plant material? Pop in, stay a while and take home a little piece of heaven when you leave. Call us or email us, but first, visit us when you need to feel green!