The Importance of Landscaping

 With the chaos paired with the end of the year, many of us are looking for a project that can bring some joy and relaxation. Landscaping could be just the thing to end your year off the right way.

We all know that a picturesque landscape can do much for our well-being, but what if we at Windy Willows told you that there is actually more to it than that? Landscaping may be more important than you may realise.


What Makes Landscaping Important?

We all want our gardens to look the best that they possibly can, and hiring a landscaper is an excellent solution if you’d prefer a professional touch. These experts are especially knowledgeable when it comes to the gorgeous gardening trends on offer every season. Let’s explore some of the reasons that make landscaping worth it:


  1. Cleans the Air. Did you know that plants, especially trees, absorb various global emissions? They take in those horrible pollutants, like smoke and nitrogen oxide, filter them, and release fresh, breathable oxygen. This means that you are helping to purify the air in your neighbourhood when you plant certain plants and lush trees in your garden. When you are considering which trees to plant in your garden, consider those with larger leaves, like the Chinese Maple.
  2. Helps with Water Management. Even though it has been a wonderfully wet season, we know that droughts can happen just as quickly. As such, it has become imperative to conserve water wherever we can. Although plants need water to survive, it doesn’t mean populating your garden with greenery needs to add to your water bill. A good landscaper knows exactly how to optimise and prioritise water drainage solutions. Not to mention that they can give you helpful irrigation There are also several water-wise plant species that make stunning features to any garden.
  3. Cools the Environment. Most regions of South Africa are known for their hot summers and mild winters. Unfortunately, the presence of multitudes of people and cars in suburbs and cities adds to this heat. Luckily, a well-landscaped garden can create a cooling environment. Gardens with trees provide shade from the sun and cool down the immediate area, even the parts not directly in the shade.
  4. Preserves the Environment. Unfortunately, living in cities and suburbs, we can see the damage that has been done to nature. Between pollution and deforestation, the environment is truly suffering. Planting native flora can add to keeping your area green and healthy. It can also help us preserve indigenous plant species.
  5. Improves Mental Health. Landscaping can even benefit your mental health in the long term. Being in nature can reduce stress and feelings of depression, and can help improve one’s memory. Plus, if you decide to do your own gardening, even if it’s just to some extent, the physical activity releases endorphins that can limit feelings of anxiety and make you feel happier. You could even make gardening a fun family activity to spend some quality time together.
  6. Protects Your Home. As fantastic as nature can be for your health, it can also be wild and uncontrollable. Have you ever been to an abandoned property and noticed how the wild plant life has taken over? Landscaping allows you to enjoy a properly maintained garden with no risk to your home. So, say goodbye to those untameable roots breaking through your pavement and overgrown branches clogging your gutters.

If you are on the lookout for excellent landscaping services or even just want to get started with a quote, contact us today.