Elevating Your Garden Design with Beautiful Garden Pots

Garden pots are a staple of garden design. And at Windy Willows, we understand why. They are versatile, and useful, and can add a unique aesthetic to your garden’s design.

How to Incorporate Garden Pots into Your Garden Design

Since garden pots have been around for many years, they tend to be overlooked when some of us redesign our gardens. They are considered more as an afterthought – additional touches after the design has been done and the plants are in the ground.

However, there are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate pots into your next landscaping project:

Garden Pots - Windy Willows

1) Add a Pop of Colour:

Your garden should show off your unique personality and it can’t do that if there isn’t a little something extra to help it stand out. Instead of opting for a complicated online DIY garden decoration tutorial, why not buy beautiful outdoor pots? We offer custom pots available for sale, which come in a variety of colours and textures that you can mix and match to find your own unique style. Nothing’s stopping you from taking on a fun DIY craft by painting quirky patterns on your pots and personalising them even more.

2) Mix and Match:

Speaking of being unique, you also don’t have to limit yourself to one type of pot or even plants for that matter. Since you are not limited to a garden bed, you could place plants with differing needs in the same pot. Troughs are especially good for this as they have ample space. And, because pots come in so many shapes and sizes, the sky truly is the limit for decorating your garden exactly how you would want it.

3) No Space? No Problem:

Modern living and urbanisation have led to limited space when it comes to our living situations. Many people live in complexes and apartments with barely any garden space or even no real garden. These low-maintenance gardens leave little room for outdoor design for those avid green-thumbs. However, you can still introduce an array of garden pots in your small outdoor space to give your plants room to grow.

4) DIY Walls and Borders:

In terms of spacing, if you prefer a more defined and demarcated garden, then incorporating geometric sectioning to create an aesthetically pleasing feel can be achieved using pots and planters. You don’t necessarily have to section spaces off with walls.  Instead, by the clever placement of garden pots containing pretty shrubbery to add height and dimension to your garden, you could easily design an area with a more formal aesthetic.

5) Some Added Privacy:

Aside from the aesthetic they bring to your space, walls also give homeowners a sense of privacy. In some cases, lower walls and fences don’t offer the amount of privacy that you would prefer and if you like to keep your space enclosed and out of sight of neighbours and passers-by, then a solution is on hand. Simply plant shrubs, small trees, or hedges in garden plots and position them as needed in line with lower walls and fences to make your garden paradise more secluded.

6) Re-arranging Made Easy:

Pots are also more moveable than flower beds which means that, if you don’t like the pot and plant’s placement, you can simply move it elsewhere. Perhaps your Bougainvillae needs more sun. If it’s planted in a pot, it can easily be moved out of the shade and rescued in the process.

If you want to start designing your garden and would like to include various garden pots in your space, then shop now or contact Windy Willows today.