Is Your Local Plant Nursery the Right Fit for You?

As a homeowner, you will likely visit your local plant nursery quite a few times in your life. Gardens are forever evolving, and as we build families and grow older, our gardening needs certainly change. Finding a nursery that you can trust and establish a good relationship with is a rather important part of improving something as intimate and personal as your own home. Finding the right nursery may take some time, but we have compiled a casual checklist to aid you in your search.

Does the Nursery Offer A Wide Variety of Plants?

As mentioned earlier, throughout your life, your gardening needs will change. This means that buying the same plugs each year could, at some point, turn into a desire for something a little more adventurous. You might even look into landscaping and designing a whole new garden of your dreams. You are going to need options. Being able to choose between a range of plant species is quite liberating. It means you can create the type of yard that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Do They Offer A Comprehensive List of Services?

It is one thing to only sell plants, but does your local nursery offer services apart from this? If, at some point, you wish to hire a landscaper or look into rainwater harvesting systems, would you need to hire outsiders to do the job? Or can these services be found at your local plant nursery?

Are the Staff Friendly and Well-trained?

We all know the frustration of asking a supposed expert to help, only to be met with an unprofessional work ethic and a general lack of expertise. Does your local plant nursery employ well-trained, welcoming staff who would be willing to go the extra mile for valued customers? Can you rely on their guidance and advice on which plants would work best for your specific garden? Knowledgeable and experienced staff are vital when it comes to shopping for plants.

Do You Save Time?

A lot of nurseries do not grow their plants on site, and so, mark-up prices can drive the cost of the plants through the roof. When choosing a nursery, ensure that they sell their plants at wholesale prices. This will save an immense amount of money. Loyalty programs for repeat customers, who buy in bulk and regularly, are also a perk to look out for when choosing your nursery.

Is the Nursery Well-Tended and Neat?

What do you pick up on when first entering the nursery? Are the plants healthy and looked-after? Do the staff members look cheerful and motivated? Is the nursery tidy, well-structured, and easy to navigate? Any nursery that cares about attention to detail is worth partnering up with. The atmosphere and aesthetics of your chosen nursery tell you about the kind of service you will be getting, so pay careful attention.

It may seem as though this list is a lot to measure up to, but at Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery, we strive for all of the above and more. When shopping with us, our guarantee is quality plants at reasonable prices, with helpful staff ready to assist you wherever you may need it. For more information, visit our website, pop into our nursery or even contact us directly today.