The Importance of Planting Indigenous Trees

Trees are an important feature of any garden – any landscaper at Windy Willows would attest to that. But it’s important to choose indigenous trees when you decide to add these majestic giants to your outdoor space. Since these are native to the land, they are beneficial to the native soil. In fact, planting indigenous trees means that the soil’s water retention increases and so too does the soil quality. This, in turn, decreases the chances of soil runoff, which is beneficial for the environment in the long run.


Indigenous trees of South AfricaWindy Willows - Fever Tree

Now, before you get to buying and planting, it is important to know which trees are native. Your choices don’t have to be more limited because the list of indigenous trees of South Africa is quite varied and vast. Also, Windy Willows has a handy plant selector to help you find the exact tree type you’re looking for.

Let’s start with perhaps one of the better known South African varieties: the Fever tree (Acacia xanthophloea). This tree is a perfect pavement decorator due to its attractive green bark. Be mindful of where you plant this showstopper as it is a thorn tree, and you don’t want a leisurely barefoot stroll to take a painful turn. It attracts birds for nesting and butterflies as it sports tiny yellow flowers, so it’s the ideal option if you want to add wildlife into your oasis.

Another strikingly pretty option is the Wisteria tree (Bolusanthus speciosus), which is currently in stock. Certainly one of the most beautiful native trees of South Africa, this spring-blossoming tree is also quite hardy, requiring very little water to thrive. Another option is the Pom Pom tree (Dais cotonifolia), which is adorned with bright-pink flower clusters, closely resembling pompoms and with evergreen leaves that will offer you a shaded spot all year round.

Then, there’s an indigenous South African tree suitable for use as a boundary or security hedge, the Kei Apple (Dovyalis caffra). This option provides privacy due to its thick green leaves while its long thorns provide extra security. Another added benefit is the delicious fruit you can get out of the deal. The False Olive tree (Buddleja saligna) is also excellent as a hedging tree while being extremely hardy, so maintenance is minimal.

If you want to showcase national pride with South Africa’s selection of unique and rich indigenous tree varieties, visit Windy Willows in Roodepoort. If you have already made your selection, place your order online and get your greenery delivered to your door, if you reside in Gauteng. You can also contact us for a quote or professional landscaping advice on how best to plant your new greenery.