Do You Need a New Garden?

It’s not every homeowner who has the time, inclination, knowledge, and creativity to plan a new garden. The garden may need to be planned completely from scratch for a brand-new home.

Alternatively, you may want to transform your tired, old garden into a new, exciting space that beckons you, your family, and your visitors to come outside and enjoy the ambience of your new garden. There’s a right way and a wrong way of doing things when it comes to designing, planning, and planting a new garden, even though most plants are very forgiving if you make a mistake.

Obvious Solution

So, how should you go about getting the new garden of your dreams? The obvious solution is getting bona fide landscapers on board, folks who know about design, planning, and a wide variety of plants, plus factors that allow them to thrive.

Is That a “But”?

Next, in your mind, there may be a “but”, particularly if you live in Johannesburg, because you know that the cost of living here, shopping, transport, and a host of other things are high and still on the increase. Your “but” is followed by “can I afford a landscaper?”

Although the living costs in this country’s other most popular metropolis (Cape Town) are perceived as very expensive, recent comparisons between Johannesburg and Cape Town’s living costs prove rather interesting. Despite property prices and rentals in the fairest Cape being a great deal higher than in Johannesburg, on average, Johannesburg’s monthly income is 27% higher.

Professional Landscapers in Johannesburg

Does this help to persuade you that you can afford a landscaper in Johannesburg? Probably not, but in a more serious vein, we’ll tell you how professional landscaping services are within your means, in and around the City of Johannesburg.

Contact us to custom design and plan your new garden. It’s as easy as that, and moreover, it’s an affordable way to have a beautiful, interesting outdoor space – be it large and sprawling, or a tiny townhouse garden.

“Free” Landscaping Services

Windy Willows’ landscaping division has developed a business model that gives more clients the benefits of professional landscaping services affordably or even “free”. In a nutshell, our clients pay for a 2-hour consultation, on site at home, and thereafter has the opportunity to recover the consultation fee through the plant purchases for their new or revamped garden.

During the consultation, our landscaper plans the garden with you, so that your outdoor area reflects your taste and style. Next, the landscaper will provide you with a rough sketch plan detailing what to plant, where to plant, and how many of each type should be bought and planted to achieve the optimal effect once the new garden starts growing.

Consultation fees are affordable – R1 095 in Johannesburg or R1 150 in Midrand, the East Rand and the Vaal areas. The fees indicated both exclude VAT. Spend R6 000 on plants for your new garden and receive half of your consultation fee (R1 196 or R1 150) back as a discount, while you receive the entire fee back when making a plant purchase of R12 000 or more. This is a winning landscaping solution for your new Johannesburg garden, planned in consultation with Windy Willows.

*All prices are subject to change.