Need to Spruce Up Your Yard? Have a Look at Our Trees for Sale

Having a few trees in your garden can create a beautiful atmosphere, and add to the biodiversity. Choosing the right tree may be a little more complicated than one may think, but our experts at Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery are able to help you decide what kind of tree is best-suited to your garden. We grow a range of over 50 types of trees, so you will not be left wanting variety or options. Not all trees are alike, and our trained experts are always available to help you hunt for the perfect sapling.


Our trees on sale come in small, medium, and large sizes. The size of the trees you select is important, because it can affect the space you have in your garden. A very small tree may leave a large garden looking barren, while large trees usually have invasive root systems that cannot be planted too close to the foundation of a house, as they may cause damage. Assess and perhaps measure the space in your garden, to determine what size tree would work best.

Indigenous or Exotic

A lot of people opt for indigenous trees, because their presence in their area is the result of nature, rather than human intervention. This, along with the belief that exotic trees are invasive and use excessive amounts of water, can sometimes deter people from buying an exotic tree. However, this notion is false, and some exotic trees thrive very well in our local climate, without harming the plants around them or becoming hard to handle.

Deciduous or Evergreen

Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves seasonally, in Autumn and Winter. Evergreen trees are green and produce leaves year-round. Deciduous trees may be preferable in smaller yards, so that the sunlight is allowed to warm the house in the Winter months. Evergreen trees provide visual screening and constant shade, which is a good option for those who enjoy privacy from the neighbours.

Frost Tender or Hardy Trees

Consider the area in which you live before buying a tree. Frost tender trees struggle to cope in very cold temperatures, whereas hardy trees can withstand the cold winter months with little to no damage to the plant structure.

Full Sun or Semi-shade

To have a tree that grows to its full potential, has the right colour leaves, and flowers beautifully, you need to ensure that it is planted in the correct light. Some trees may find the African sun too harsh, while others flourish when soaking up as many warm rays as possible. Consider the set-up of your yard and where you would want to plant a tree, as this will help your sapling succeed.

Birds and Insects

Many trees are known to attract birds, bees, and butterflies. Fortunately, at Windy Willows, we have many of these trees for sale! Birds and insects can bring a garden to life, but many people with children and pets prefer not to plant trees that attract too many bees. Such a tree may produce lovely blossoms, but it would be wiser to keep it away from any recreational areas.

For more information on the trees we have for sale, download our pricelists or contact us for a special consultation.