Where to Find the Best Trees for Sale in Johannesburg

Whether you’re a casual gardener or a professional landscaper, you’ll know that getting your hands-on quality plants make all the difference to your gardening efforts. Quality plants typically mean better growth, better aesthetics, and better overall plant health. This is especially true of trees, as they can easily be susceptible to various diseases and pests or be slow to take and start growing. Additionally, trees are quite an investment compared to shrubs and seedlings, so you want the best possible results.


You’ll find the best trees for sale at…

Trees for SaleWindow Willows, the wholesale growing nursery located in Honeydew, Johannesburg.

Windy Willows is a wholesale plant nursery that sells trees, shrubs, and plants to both the public and to companies, landscapers, and large developments. Here are just some of the top reasons why this is the place to go when looking for a wide range of quality trees for sale in Johannesburg:

  1. A Wonderful Variety

Get exactly what you’re looking for. Windy Willows offers more than 300 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, and selected herbs. This selection includes both indigenous and exotic varieties. So, if you’re looking for specific trees for sale, or simply want to browse a selection of great options to find what speaks most to your needs, this is the best place to go to in Johannesburg.


  1. Wholesale Prices

Make your budget go so much further. You’ll find a wonderful selection of trees for sale at wholesale prices – much better than the more expensive options at regular retail options. Seniors also benefit from an additional discount on Wednesdays, and companies working in the green industry, developers, schools, housing estates and shopping complexes can register to receive further discounts.


  1. Healthy Plants

If it's healthy trees you’re after in Johannesburg, then Windy Willows is again the ideal plant nursery for you. Since the majority of trees are propagated and grown on the farm where it is sold, they endure less handling. You also have the guarantee that the trees have been grown and nurtured in an optimal environment with the right care, and under expert supervision.


  1. Expert advice

The team at Windy Willows are all driven by a passion for what they do. Caring for the plants are at the centre of everything they do. As such, they have first-hand knowledge of the trees for sale, and can assist you with expert knowledge and insights.


  1. Access to Additional Services

In addition to offering a great selection of healthy trees for sale, Windy Willows also provides a host of complementary services. These include:

  • Landscaping (both design and installation)
  • Irrigation solutions (both design and installation)
  • Rainwater-harvesting solutions
  • Compost, lawn dressing, fertilizer, and pest control products


Visit Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery Today

For a selection of top-quality trees for sale, visit Windy Willows in Johannesburg. Located a mere ten-minute drive from Northgate Shopping Centre, it’s conveniently located for all your gardening needs. Find exactly what you need at wholesale prices and give your garden the makeover you’ve been dreaming of.