Why You Need a Landscaping and Garden Design Company

There are few things as beautiful, serene, and enjoyable as a properly designed and maintained garden. Whether it’s an oasis surrounding a private residence, the well-manicured grounds of a business or residential development, or a public space for the enjoyment of the people, a gorgeous garden simply sparks joy and happiness.

These eye-catching outdoor spaces certainly don’t happen by chance. A great garden is the result of careful planning, expert knowledge, and consistent maintenance. To achieve this and ensure that it is sustainable, you need the input and services of an experienced landscaping and garden design company.

landscapingBut how difficult can gardening be? Can you not simply do it yourself? While certainly not impossible to do on your own, there are some definite benefits – both immediate and long term – when making use of a professional landscaping and garden design company. The major advantages include:


Creative Design Ideas

As experts in garden design and armed with an impressive knowledge of plants, a professional landscaper has the necessary tools and experience to come up with innovative visual designs that are both practical and eye-catching. This allows you to make optimal use of the space available to you. A good landscaper will work with you to realise your vision in a way that makes it live up to its full potential.


Knowledge of Plants and Their Requirements

Just because you like a certain plant or think it will look good in your garden, does not mean it will grow the way you imagine it to. Plants can be frustratingly fickle. A quality landscaping and garden design company will have the necessary knowledge to advise you on what would work best in the microclimate of your neighbourhood, the soil conditions present, and the amount of sun and water it would be exposed to, for optimal results.


The Inclusion of Irrigation Systems

Landscaping designers not only think of plants in terms of aesthetic appeal, but rather approach the design of a landscape holistically as a system. This includes the planning of an irrigation system that would be practical for the garden layout and be able to sustain the garden to let it grow to its full potential.


Less Maintenance

When a garden is planned as a living working system using an intimate knowledge of plants and their needs, the result is a beautiful garden that requires less maintenance. Plants are chosen to thrive in the conditions present, and systems are installed to ensure sustainability.


Cost Efficiency

Landscaping companies often add a mark-up to the plants they supply. When choosing Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery in Johannesburg as your landscaping and garden design partner, you get expert service at competitive prices, as well as access to a range of more than 300 exotic and indigenous plants at wholesale prices. What’s more, we’ll give you an additional discount of between 50% and 100% on the landscaping services depending on the number of plants you buy.

If this sounds like the landscaping and garden design company you’ve been looking for, get in touch with the team at Windy Willows, or visit us today.