South Africa – Home to Some Remarkable Indigenous Trees

South Africa is home to incredible local botany – just one look at our lush green neighbourhoods and the stunning array of habitats across the country, and it is not hard to understand why tourists love this beautiful nation so much. Introducing indigenous plant life to your garden is easy when you have professional experts to advise you. At Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery, we are huge fans of our local flora, and promote indigenous trees whenever we can.

Why Incorporate Indigenous Trees into Your Garden?

Indigenous trees are acclimated to the local climate, soil, and bird and insect life. This means that maintaining indigenous trees is much easier than trying to keep an exotic tree alive with pesticides, fertiliser, and an excessive amount of water (which may be wasteful in the long run). Another reason is the preservation of South Africa’s natural environment and historical heritage by promoting plants that genuinely do belong here.

Our Personal Pick of Favourites

At Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery, we certainly have a few favourite local trees that look great and form an enjoyable part of any home. Below are some of the most popular indigenous trees in South Africa.

The Tree Wisteria (Latin Name: Bolusanthus Speciosus)

Jacaranda trees are mentioned whenever thinking of Pretoria or Johannesburg. Unfortunately, Jacarandas tend to be space invaders and water guzzlers, which is not surprising considering it is an alien species. For those who want to promote local trees, the Tree Wisteria is a small to medium tree that mimics the Jacaranda with its beautiful head of fragrant, lavender-hued blooms (that happen to have medicinal properties). The Tree Wisteria is a protected species in South Africa, as many animals rely on the pods and leaves of the tree for sustenance.

The River Bushwillow Tree (Latin Name: Combretum Erythrophyllum)

The River Bushwillow is a medium- to large-sized tree with sweetly scented beige or light-yellow flowers. This tree is fast growing and drought resistant, and due to a tame root system, it offers terrific shade when planted along pavements. Hardy and deciduous, the River Bushwillow makes a beautiful addition to most gardens.

The Weeping Wattle Tree (Latin Name: Peltophorum Africana)

The name of this tree comes from the liquid emitted by cuckoo-spit insects that drips from the tree while the insects feed on the sap inside the tree’s branches. Known for its beautiful, bold yellow flowers, the Weeping Wattle has been used for medicinal purposes for many years in Africa, while most parts of the plant feed a variety of animals and insects. This gorgeous evergreen tree forms an integral part of our local ecosystem.

If you would love to add some indigenous plants or trees to your garden, the good news is that Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery stocks all the above species and more, so all it takes is visiting our on-site nursery and asking one of our trained staff for more information. Alternatively, you can make use of our online plant selector to assist you with the type of indigenous plant you feel will be the perfect fit for your garden.