Looking for Plants? Our Impressive List Will Inspire You

Perhaps you would like to spruce up your garden a little, or maybe you are planning to fully revamp the entire yard. Either way, we at Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery can help you find precisely what you are seeking. Not many nurseries can boast our significant variety of plant species that we propagate and stock (over 200, to be precise), and with a well-trained and passionate team working for us, it is no wonder why our loyal customers enjoy our services and products.

If you are yet to find a nursery that stocks the specific kind of products you are looking for (whether small flowers or indigenous trees of South Africa), then prepare to be stunned by our full range of everything you need to create the garden of your dreams.

Gorgeous Groundcovers

Groundcovers are a useful addition to any garden, as not only do they offer protection for the soil, but they extend over a chosen area of the garden to make the space look lusher and fuller. Many gardeners use groundcovers to keep their topsoil from drought, erosion, and sprouting weeds. Some groundcovers we stock include Bugleweeds, Baby Sun Roses, Creeping Foxgloves, Bush Violets, and Green Carpets.

Indigenous Trees of South Africa

Many of our clients do not want exotic plants in their yard and strictly opt for local flora. We have many indigenous trees of South Africa growing right here on the farm that are ready to go home to appreciative owners. There are several advantages to purchasing indigenous trees of South Africa, such as:

  • They flourish in our climate and soil, and thus generally require less water and fertilisation.
  • The indigenous trees of South Africa have built up a natural resistance to threats, such as insects, rodents, and birds, which reduces the need for toxic pesticides.
  • The biodiversity in South Africa is important to preserve, and indigenous plants maintain the natural and historical environment of the country.

Charming Perennials

A perennial is usually defined as a plant that lives longer than two to three years, while an annual plant only blossoms for one season before reaching the end of its life. Our range of perennials is extensive, and we are home to multiple species, including Wild Rhubarbs, Cat’s Tail Ferns, Orange Clivias, and Wild Irises.

Show-Off Shrubs and Bushes

If you are looking for something more substantial than flowers, but smaller than a tree, then shrubs are an excellent way to make use of open space in your yard. Whether you love the hedging qualities of an Abelia “Francis Mason”, the windbreaking features of a Sagebrush, or the sweet smell of the Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow shrub – we will have a bush that suits your home perfectly.

Design and Plan Your Ideal Garden

By getting in touch with us, you will be able to speak to one of our professional team members who will assist you in finding the right plant. Palms, succulents, indigenous trees, climbers, and even herbs are just some of the plants we grow and sell here at our wholesale nursery.

For some of the best plant prices in Gauteng and quality services, such as landscaping and rainwater harvesting, contact us online today or ask us to put you on our monthly mailing list.