Exploring the World of Plants: A Guide to Creating a Vibrant Nursery

Spring is around the corner, and it is the perfect time to rejuvenate your garden, with a nursery like Windy Willows, your perfect garden is only a phone call away. Knowing which plants, trees and flowers grow best in a garden, no matter the size, is why you need to turn to the experts in the industry.


Knowing Which Types of Plants and Flowers to Select

Make the most of sun-drenched and shade-filled spaces by selecting plants that will thrive in these areas. Whether you prefer herbaceous borders or garden beds covered in a colourful array, as long as your soil has been carefully fertilised and tended and you have received expert advice from your nursery on which plants and flowers to select, you can have a spring garden that will be the envy of the neighbourhood or office park.

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With the winter weather keeping one more indoors than out, the garden and lawn tend to be left unattended. Bearing in mind that spring can sometimes be dry and harsh in some areas, it is advisable to dress your lawn with an organic nitrogen-rich fertiliser that will stimulate growth and improve the condition of the soil. This can also be used in the garden beds together with a generous layer of compost that will not only feed the soil with nutrients but also act as mulch.


Choose Water Wise Plants and Groundcover

As a wholesale growing nursery, Window Willows would suggest that as much as you would like to include colour in garden beds and underneath trees, it is also imperative that you select waterwise plants. Putting down a layer of mulch will keep the soil moist, however having plants and groundcover that prove to be water wise will retain their moisture, prevent the growth of weeds and keep root systems cool which ultimately stimulate growth.

If you want a vibrant spot of colour in a shaded area consider planting Clivia’s. Not only do these plants produce the most beautiful, elegant flowers but they do not require large amounts of water. Consider succulent groundcover, such as Aptinia Cordifolia which bears bright flowers and needs little water. This groundcover has the advantage of growing quite quickly so it will fill a bare spot in no time at all. Wild Garlic and Agapanthus with their delicate flowers add just the right amount of colour for garden borders with the ability to handle dry periods and heavy rainfall.

Whether you require a spot of colour in the sun, semi-shade or shade, your dream garden is possible when you select the right type of flowering plants or ground cover.


Colour Everywhere

If space is a problem or your garden area is restricted to a patio, you can still add vibrant colours in the form of hanging plants such as Petunias or small potted shrubs. The natural variegated leaves of Coleus brighten up any indoor or outdoor area. Whether you prefer the upright growth of Begonias or the large daisy-like flowers of Dahlias, bright vibrant colours ranging from purples to pinks are ready to be planted. When planted between the subdued, yet sweetly scented Aster, it will add variety and depth to your spring garden.


Trees to Attract and Provide Shade

With Arbor Day just around the corner, it is time to start planning what type of tree to plant. The many-sided branches of the Magnolia tree, a deciduous tree that is ideal in the Gauteng climate, produce colourful tubular blooms that cast ample shade where perennials and shrubs planted underneath will thrive. Perhaps consider planting indigenous flora such as the wild pear tree whose dense foliage provides a canopy of shade and protection from the wind or a wild peach tree whose fragrant blossoms attract birds and bees.


Turn to Us for Expert Guidance

Windy Willows stocks over 300 varieties of shrubs, perennials, trees, groundcovers and selected herbs. With a wealth of extensive experience, our nursery can assist you in designing, growing and maintaining a garden that will flourish. Order our products online or contact us and we will gladly assist you.