Landscaping for Privacy

You know what they say, “Great fences make for great neighbours”. A little privacy goes a long way (especially since the pandemic has forced many of us to spend plenty of time at home), and you don’t need to depend on monstrously large walls or fences to get it done. All you need is a little creativity and a whole lot of landscaping techniques.

Just Screen It

garden landscapingNow, there’s nothing wrong with the traditional route and a wall can be just what your garden needs. Not to mention that most homes in South Africa do usually come with either walls or fences (or both). So, you may just be stuck with it. However, that’s no reason to have it looking dull or to give up on being creative with your wall or fence. You just need to use some good old landscaping tips.

For example, one of the best ways to spice up any plain wall is with a screen. These wooden contraptions may not look like much, but, if strategically placed and decorated well, they can become quite the eye-catcher. And, perhaps the greatest perk of all, it adds some privacy to your sanctuary. Screens can be placed practically anywhere (like in front of that pesky hole in the wall that you just can’t seem to fix) and you can even make one all by yourself (perhaps using some wooden stakes). Think this still sounds like an uninteresting solution? Why not add decoration in the form of plants? Using any type of creeper plant can give you a wall of greenery like something out of a fairytale. Or you could attach colourful flowers to your screen using a few planter boxes, like the ones we offer in our range of landscaping products. The sky truly is the limit.

Bushes and Trees

You might not want to ruin the perfectly natural aesthetic that you have cultivated through meticulously planned landscaping. So, why not stick with what’s natural? Bushes and trees, when planted in the right place, can block off your home and even muffle noise from outside, meaning you can have all the privacy you want and you won’t have to listen to your neighbours’ backyard activities either.

Trees, shrubs and hedges are the perfect privacy landscaping tools, and they can be a lovely border for your immaculate garden or even driveway. As long as you are courteous and don’t plant them too close to your neighbour’s property, they can make lovely additions to any home in need of a natural screen.

Landscaping is not only a perfect way to showcase your home, it can also be useful in many ways. Contact us today to receive a quote on our landscaping services or even just to get free advice from the experts at Windy Willows.