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If you currently reside in Johannesburg and have your own yard, then you are aware of the peaceful respite a garden can offer. Make no mistake, Johannesburg is not always an easy city to live in. Bustling streets, early morning traffic, and the rush of urban living all contribute to stress levels that need managing. Having a personal oasis right outside of your home is one of the best things you can do for your mental wellness.

Plants do more than just offer us oxygen (something sorely needed with the air pollution in Johannesburg), they provide us with an escape into the tranquillity of nature. Spending time outdoors or even the act of gardening itself are all therapeutic ways to clear your head and relax. So, why would anyone need a landscaper?

It is all good and well if you already have a lovely garden and fertile soil to work with, but a dilemma emerges when you do not have much of anything in your yard or any idea of how to begin. That is where professional landscapers come in.

What Do Landscapers Do?

Landscapers are trained professionals who are called in to assess your garden, help you design a new layout, and then install the features and plants needed to make the plan work.

Windy Willows’ Landscaping Services

At Windy Willows, we offer affordable landscaping services that do not break the bank. For members of the public that do not feel the need to book a two-hour consultation with our experts, we do offer free landscaping advice on the following:

  • Placement of plants in your garden.
  • Which plants prefer shade, semi-sun, and full sun.
  • Frost-sensitive and hardy plants.
  • How to use plants to make a small garden seem larger.
  • How to attract insects and birds with certain plants and trees.
  • Preparation of flower beds and soil.
  • How many shrubs, perennials, or flowers you need to plant.

Remember that planting the wrong kind of plants (like trees with invasive root systems near the foundations of a house) can end up costing you far more money than just taking the time to do it right from the beginning. Professional landscapers are a wise choice for anyone who is uncertain about what they can do with their limited budget.

Why Windy Willows Is Your Ideal Landscaping Partner

At our wholesale nursery, plants are grown and sold on site, which means we add no additional mark-up to your purchases. Our products on offer (apart from a wide variety of over 200 species of trees, perennial flowers, shrubs, and types of grass) include the following:

  • The design and installation of water irrigation systems.
  • Cobble edging.
  • Pathways.
  • Paving.
  • Water features.
  • Customised rainwater harvesting solutions.

If you wish to make use of our landscaping services, or if you would like to find out more about our available plants and services, contact us online or pay us a visit at our wholesale nursery located in Honeydew, Johannesburg at your earliest convenience.