How to Find a Ground Cover to Suit Your Garden

Many garden enthusiasts and amateur botanists have heard of the term “ground cover” before, but are still unsure as to what it means. A ground cover is any plant that grows low and spreads out to conceal the bare earth beneath it. One popular type of ground cover is grass, which most homeowners grow on their lawns with ease. Grass is not suitable to every area of your garden, however, and sometimes, it is helpful to add some variety and lushness to a specific outdoor area.

Low-growing plants come with several benefits, and the species you select will have a lot to do with your yard’s needs. Not only do these natural wonders look splendid, but they also prevent weeds, control soil erosion, and retain the soil’s moisture. In essence, they will not only reduce the level of maintenance needed in your yard, but they will also add natural beauty and abundance to barren areas. If you would like to introduce a few ground covers to your garden, then keep reading to find out how to select the right type.

Exotic or Indigenous

Many homeowners fear that exotic plants are water guzzlers and choke out surrounding plants by spreading too quickly. The truth is that there are plenty of exotic species that fare exceptionally well in South African gardens and require very little attention. For individuals who prefer to keep it local, there are many low-growing plant types from which to choose too.

Light Allowance in the Garden

Due to trees and surrounding structures, your backyard might be quite shady, or on the flip side, see full sun all day. Before you invest in a ground cover, find out first if the plant prefers shade, semi-shade, or full sun in which to grow.

Frost Hardiness

Some areas of South Africa see a lot of frost, especially on those icy winter mornings. Frost-tender plants suffer tissue damage when continually exposed to cold temperatures. If your garden sees frost often during the colder months, then it is best to opt for a species that is hardy or semi-hardy, and will thrive no matter the temperature.

Water Needs

Within South Africa, several provinces often face dry climates and droughts, and maintaining a full garden on very little water seems impossible. The great news is that drought-tolerant ground covers do exist, and they can be used in xeriscaping to enhance gardens in arid regions of the country.

A Splash of Colour

If your backyard oasis is looking a little monotonous and in need of some vibrancy, then you can select a low-growing, flowering plant. There is an unending list of species that produce flowers in an array of vivid hues, and you can take your pick of what you find to be most fitting for your garden.

If you would like more information on which ground cover would work best for your outdoor space, then our online plant selector makes filtering results a breeze. Alternatively, you can visit our wholesale nursery where one of our trained experts will assist you.