6 Simple DIY Landscaping Ideas to Upgrade Your Yard

While professional landscaping services are always preferred, some homeowners may find they are on an extremely tight budget. If you don’t have a lot of money to dedicate to your garden, you can try to add a new feature every few weeks and transform the yard over time. Renovating your garden does not need to be difficult either – just about anyone can do it. If you are looking for simple landscaping ideas for your backyard oasis, below are six ideas to get you started.

  1. Do-it-Yourself Planters

While planter pots and boxes are beautiful, you can get creative with various designs by using items lying around the house. Painted tin cans are perfect for small succulents, while old rubber tyres look great encircling a flowering bush. You could use anything – from an old pair of wellingtons to a decorated colander or birdcage – to revamp a drab outdoor space.

  1. Create a Pathway 

The most beautiful gardens are those that are interactive. Outdoor pathways draw one into a yard and add an element of enchantment. The landscaping options in this department are endless; you have a choice between stepping stones, a gravel path, wooden steps, boardwalks, pebbles, and even mosaic walkways.

  1. Design Your Own Pond

Creating a pond at home may seem a little complicated, but there are tons of online resources that will show you how to build something quickly and effortlessly. There are also plenty of affordable water features that you can purchase and install in your yard to create a relaxing, tranquil environment.

  1. Spruce Up the Braai Area

If you love to invite friends and family over, then why not impress them with an updated braai area? Introduce some new outdoor furniture, surrounding plants, or even a DIY container for wood and charcoal. An outdoor speaker or two will set the mood for all those summer outdoor gatherings.

  1. Introduce Some Life to Your Garden

Nothing is more captivating than a charming garden bustling with birds, bees, and butterflies. DIY bird feeders and birdbaths will ensure that the local birds enjoy frolicking in your garden. You could also add plants and flowers to your yard that are known to attract butterflies and other insects.

  1. Perennials and Groundcovers

Landscaping does get a little technical when it comes to plants. You will need to understand your garden’s microclimate, which includes soil type and local weather patterns. The right perennials and groundcovers will make your garden look more lush, full, and natural – something most homeowners try to achieve. For help in this department, speak to the experts at a nearby plant nursery who will help you establish which plants would work for not only your budget, but your garden too.

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