Choosing the right garden pots for your landscape is like pairing the perfect accessory with an outfit. It elevates the entire scene, adding a touch of personality and harmonising with the existing layout. Think terracotta nestled amongst blooming flowers, sleek modern planters framing a minimalistic patio or whimsical ceramic pots bringing playful pops of colour to a cottage garden. Your choice of pots is an extension of the artistic vision you have for your garden. So, let them enhance the natural beauty of your surroundings. Your growing plant nursery, Windy Willows can supply a selection of gorgeous garden pots while also filling them with striking indigenous flora.


Pots for Everyone

garden pots

The size of your garden doesn’t matter. Whether you only have a balcony to declare as your oasis of tranquillity or have the space to start growing a small herb garden, potted gardens are growing in popularity and are the ideal space solution. It’s a vibrant, accessible and surprisingly low-maintenance way to bring the magic of greenery into your life. Whether you have green fingers or are a curious gardening newbie, garden pots offer options for everyone.


Functional and Decorative

The choice of materials for your garden pots has an impact on aesthetics. Finding the balance between functionality and looks is a key consideration. What are your pots and planters going to be used for? Are they purely decorative or are you planning on starting a veggie garden? Our landscaping professionals consider the various reasons why you should use garden pots:

1. Highlighting features
Your home is already filled with charm but imagine elevating its best features with the magic touch of garden pots. Think of them as spotlights drawing attention and amplifying what makes the space special. Create an impression by planting colourful Pelargoniums in classic pots at the entrance to your front door, welcoming guests to your home. Turn your pool area into a tropical oasis by scattering quirky multi-coloured pots and planters around the pool. Fragrant herbs will add a sensory touch to your poolside retreat. Perhaps you would prefer that your pots are the centre of attention. Arrange them in a playful dance of heights and textures creating a visual symphony.

2. Softening hardscapes
Hardscapes like driveways, patios and pathways add definition and structure to your garden landscape but often lack appeal. Bursts of green, such as Jade plants, infuse hardscapes with life and texture, creating a harmonious blend of stone and nature.

3. Growing food
With many turning towards a more sustainable lifestyle, you too can start taking tentative steps by planting a potted veggie or herb garden. You don’t need acres of arable land. Starting small will provide you with extra flavour without having to rush to the shops. Try your hand at growing tomatoes, peppers, basil and oregano to start with.

4. Providing privacy
Craving a cosy haven on your deck or patio? Trees or leafy plants create a natural privacy screen shielding you and your guests from curious eyes without sacrificing neighbourly relations. Tall and large garden pots in a variety of shapes can easily contain the Johannesburg Gold, Weeping Fig, Frangipani, olive or citrus trees, to name a few.

5. Attracting wildlife
Planting diverse indigenous flora in garden pots fosters a vibrant ecosystem welcoming butterflies, bees and hummingbirds as vital partners in nature’s delicate dance. Pink Joy, September Bush and Weeping Sagewood are but a few of South Africa’s flora that attract pollinators.

It is best to choose pots and planters that are suited to your location and environment. Bear in mind that concrete can crack, clay absorbs heat and metal overheats, so make sure that you select your pots wisely.


Exceeding Your Expectations

Whether purely ornamental or functional and decorative, the expert team at Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery will assist you with your choice of garden pots making sure that they complement your garden layout, personal taste and flora. Together we can make your garden dreams come true; all you have to do is contact us.