Professional Garden Landscaping Services

Although garden landscaping services are often considered by many to be costly or even a bit snobbish, the reality is that anyone can and should afford a garden makeover. Not only does a smart garden imbue a feeling of contentment and enjoyment in tenants and homeowners alike, but the premises’ value increases too. In a highly competitive market, landscapers in Johannesburg should present with the following clearly laid out:

  • What services are being offered at what price (i.e. the scope, management and labour costs to do the job).
  • What plant and other hard landscaping material is being provided, and what these items cost.
  • Costs around refuse removal at the end of the work and other “fiddly bits” should be clearly outlined, if any.
  • How long the project will take, reasonable delays notwithstanding, and thus when the client can expect all work to be completed and a spiffy new garden to be staring them in the face!


garden landscapingBecause Johannesburg landscapers operate in a fairly crowded market, consumers can be assured that prices should never be outrageous, quotes can always be tailored or phased so that the planned landscaping becomes affordable, and the quality of work should be high. Indeed, garden landscaping is one arena where Johannesburg consumers can expect good returns for their investment.


The Benefits of a Landscaped Garden

An obvious benefit of pleasant green surrounds comes easily to mind post lockdown. With everyone having to spend an abnormally greater amount of time at home lately, tranquil and pleasing surroundings have seen a huge jump in value. Even city dwellers with a balcony or two can derive health benefits from a small assembly of green pots. If you’re more DIY-minded, having professional garden landscaping services design a beautifully landscaped garden that affords vegetable, bonsai, or other hobbyists’ pursuits the correct place and growing conditions, is priceless.

A landscaper can accommodate your desire for edible gardening, a lawn area for the kids, or an outdoor play area where you’d like to erect a Jungle Gym. Having a professional outline and install the basics like beds and lawn areas - even irrigation - can make a world of difference to personal projects like growing a few veggies or finding a dedicated space to give your indoor orchids some outdoor summer light.


Planning is Key to a Successful Garden

Even the bare minimum of landscaping services can make a huge difference to your experience of the outdoors. Sorting out failing lawn areas, laying down some pathways, demarcating designated areas for veggies, roses, or other specialised plants you’d like to see in your garden - the list goes on and on. So do the benefits - getting these fundamentals right can take the pain out of outdoor living, while still allowing you to add your own unique flair to things.

If you’re looking for a landscaper in Johannesburg to add real value, listen to your personal needs, and get it right first time round (at a price that might surprise you), look no further than Windy Willows. We’re always available for a quote at no charge, and have a long list of satisfied clients you’re welcome to call on.