The Remarkable Difference Garden Irrigation Makes

Have you encountered other people’s gardens where the difference between what you up until then felt was “nice” and the reality before you was so stark? Everything was actively growing, everything was healthy, and not merely clinging to survival in this person’s garden. You realised with some quiet introspection (and a touch of green envy) that your previous ideas around “a nice garden” were now forever changed. They were often curiously modest about it all, as though it was no big deal.

When you have the benefits of having an installed irrigation system, the basic expectations you have of your garden increase tenfold. More than any other input, more than feeding, pruning, and maintaining or any other thing you might do for your garden, irrigation allows for that reality. Indeed, plants will often tolerate a great many adverse or less than optimum situations, as long as they are under irrigation. Water and its availability is the single greatest determinant of plant growth in a garden setting.


Choosing Between All the Garden Irrigation Systems for Sale

Today, differing irrigation systems are offered to agriculture, sports turf, and home gardeners alike. Drip irrigation is typically an agricultural installation, while “overhead irrigation” pretty much captures everything else. Overhead irrigation is most easily seen in the giant centre pivot irrigation machines farmers use in their circular lands, but it comes all the way down to microjet sprayers that are found in suburban gardens too.

garden irrigation

Not only is a huge basic requirement for a green and healthy garden sorted when you get an irrigation system, but it is also the most cost-effective way to water your lawn and plants. The numbers don’t lie – irrigation achieves far more targeted and even distribution than we can with a hosepipe, and also uses less water, bringing garden irrigation costs down. Remember when browsing various garden irrigation systems for sale-the aim is for the most effective and also most efficient application of water.


Hybrid Systems Are Now Commonplace

Professionals who have your best interest at heart will guide you capably to choose an irrigation system design best suited to your garden, but a word for the DIY enthusiast: unless you are a plumber, rather have it installed. It is true that many homeowners have installed their own systems, but most have never achieved the correct distribution (too many sprinklers compensating for poor coverage, because of bad design) or eliminated all of the dry spots (and so, you will stand there with a hosepipe in any case). Besides, in a highly competitive market, you can have a bespoke, impressive system installed at a very reasonable price.

You will want the lawn and bed areas irrigated separately (the telling basic hallmark of a professional system), while pots or fiddly nooks and crannies usually utilise drippers (pots) or microjet misters (small spots) to best effect. Larger lawn sprinklers throw more water further, and can also be rendered as pop-up sprayers, hidden when not in use. The capacity, pattern, and thus capability of each sprinkler or nozzle needs to be accurately considered in an effective design, as well as the requirements for lawn, shrubs, and trees.


Choose Windy Willows

When you are shopping various garden irrigation systems for sale, it’s a great idea to turn to professional advice. When you want the daunting made simple, when you are dreaming of experiencing a beautiful garden, green and growing instead of gasping for water, call Windy Willows for prompt and cost-effective service. We have years in the game and go straight to the heart of effective irrigation. We get in and get out of your way with minimal fuss and in good time. We would love to help you design your own outdoor paradise. Call us for the expertise you need to make your outside irrigation a big success!