Have you ever walked passed a nursery and saw the most beautiful colourful blooms, but thought that there is no way you can afford to buy these beauties? To put it to you simply, this labour intensive beautiful, colourful blooms have probably taken many full moons of TLC to get it to this size, so if you can afford it, buy it because it is worth it!

With approximately 21 000 plant species originating in South Africa, it is no secret that South Africa is blessed with an abundant floral kingdom. In fact, there are six recognised floral kingdoms in the world, and one of them happens to be in the city of Cape Town. So high is South Africa’s plant diversity, that there are several plant species on Table Mountain that exist in the whole of the UK. But with the drought in Cape Town, we have high hopes that they will not be killed off. In fact, it is impossible to grow anything in the drought-stricken Cape. Fortunately, for those who live Gauteng, there is enough water to feed our colourful blooms and fruit trees.

“A place becomes a home when it sustains you, when it feeds you in body as well as spirit. To recreate such a home, the plants must also return.” ~ Unknown

Whether you are looking to create a colourful outdoor oasis with an organic vegetable and herb garden, 900 resident and migrant bird species, get some annuals and perennials, and whether you are looking to create your own personal sanctuary where you can relax and unwind – a well-designed landscape filled with colourful and aromatic garden can turn any property into the perfect home.

But in order to get this right, you need the services of a wholesale nursery, such as Windy Willows. As one of Johannesburg’s leading nursery of plants for sale in Johannesburg, not only do we offer landscaping advice, but we also stock over 200 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, plugs, as well as selected herbs.

And we bet you thought that getting your garden together would be a nightmare? Well, the good news is that we have all the plants, herbs and trees, vermin, red wiggler worms you are looking for, and all you have to do is to get your soil ready. With a little help from the kids or the gardener, you wet the soil to soften it, throw some vermicompost (which you can get from us at Windy Willows), then get the gardening fork and work it into the soil. Once done, put your beautiful plants, trees and herbs in gently (like you treat your expensive fragile glass ornaments).

Ventilation is the core of success or failure, so you want a lot of ventilation for your plants, shrubs, herbs or trees to survive. So, at the very end of your gardening projects, introduce Red Wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida) into the soil with mulch on top, and you are ready to go.

At Windy Willows, our love for plants is as passionate as our love of gardening. We are a nursery in Johannesburg that offers plants, groundcovers, hedging plant and creepers, indigenous and exotic trees, perennials, shrubs and tropical plants. At Windy Willows, we have it all, and we have some great expert advice too. To learn more, chat with us today!