One of the country’s biggest problems right now is the fact that the Western Cape is in the midst of a serious water crisis. Not only is each individual limited to 50 litres of water a day, but the days of green polished lawns with lush rose gardens are long gone. Predictions from climate change suggest that even more trying conditions can be expected, and that the likelihood of water demands exceeding supply in Gauteng is not far from being a reality, just like the city of Cape Town.

In fact, experts have predicted that the water supply in the Vaal River will only increase when the new Lesotho Highlands Water Project is complete. What this means is that Gauteng is no safer than the Western Cape, and that homeowners, businesses, parks, golf courses, and estates need to start looking at sustainable ways of protecting their landscape, starting by protecting soil with, for instance, ground covers.

Landscaping for the Future

Covering the soil with a layer of mulch is an essential aspect of water-wise landscaping. In fact, a mulched landscape can save between 50-70% of water, as the water in the soil cannot evaporate so quickly if there is something shading it from the harsh sun. At Windy Willows, we recognise the need to start initiating water-wise solutions to protect Gauteng’s outdoor environments from climate change, and one way to start is to promote our water-wise ground covers for protecting the soil.

Considered as a far more aesthetic and useful mulch, which has always predominantly been hay or straw, ground covers can easily transform any outdoor space with fertile soil into a beautiful, low maintenance outdoor area. In fact, ground covers bring many benefits. Besides protecting the soil and conserving its moisture, ground covers also add nutrition, assists with soil erosion control, slows down weed growth, provides protection against pests and fire, protects plant roots from frost, and it attracts bees, butterflies and birds.

The Best Types of Water-Wise Ground Covers

As one of the largest nurseries in Johannesburg, we stock well over 60 different kinds of ground covers that can be used as herbs, used for its scent, or used for its colour. As one of the leading nurseries in Johannesburg, we believe that choosing low water usage ground covers with soil retentive roots is the best choice for water-wise business parks, private parks, outdoor restaurants, and private homes.

Whether you are looking for creeping herbal ground covers, such as thyme or mint, which will help to slow stormwater flow, as well as create a more aesthetic space, we have an enormous variety of drought-resistant ground covers that range from African daisies, topsy-turvy, Corsican lint, star jasmine, creeping foxglove, large wild iris, and black mondo grass, to so many more.

Not only will our beautiful drought-resistant ground covers gift your landscape with a mesmerising scent, but they are also fast growing and aesthetically attractive all year round. To learn more about how you can be more sustainable, chat with us today. At Windy Willows, we keep outdoor environments healthy and alive, the water-wise way.