6 Reasons You Should be Looking for Trees for Sale in Your Area

Why are trees important? Well, for starters, we might struggle to survive without them! We have trees to thank for the oxygen that we breathe, but it is more than that, is it not? Trees are not just a valuable provider of oxygen. There are other reasons to seek out trees for sale and get them planted in our gardens, at our businesses, and even in the gardens of family, friends, and colleagues.

Here are just six of our top reason why we have trees for sale at our wholesale nursery, and why you should consider buying one (or a few):

  1. Clean Air

Trees do not just produce oxygen, they actually ensure that we have cleaner air. While creating our much-needed oxygen, they also remove excess carbon from the atmosphere.

  1. Raw Materials

Trees provide the raw materials needed for furniture, paper products, and even firewood.

  1. Living Environment

One tree creates a safe environment and provides food for a variety of wildlife species, such as birds, insects, and squirrels.

  1. Improved Environment

Indigenous trees are known to enhance the quality of soil while reducing soil runoff.

  1. Provided Sustenance

Fruit and nut trees provide a source of food for humans and animals.

  1. Boosted Property Value

The right trees can increase property value and provide an appealing/scenic view.

Which Trees are Best for Your Garden?

Choosing the right trees for your garden space and the environment/climate that you live in can be a challenge. The wrong choice can result in a tree that is difficult to maintain or that does not thrive. The selection process is quite an important step. At Windy Willows, we encourage those looking to buy trees and plants for their garden to come in to our wholesale nursery to consult with one of our professional landscapers. We will gladly assist you with free advice and guidance with selecting the right trees for your specific garden project.

Some important things to consider when selecting a tree include the following:

  • Water requirements of the tree and how much water the owner is able to provide/afford.
  • Sun vs shade. Some plants do not like too much sun, and some do not like too much shade.
  • Available space for the growth of the tree.
  • Root systems – some plants have invasive root systems that can wreak havoc at properties.
  • Sensitivity of the tree – this is particularly important in areas that experience frost or very high/low temperatures.
  • Nutritional requirements of the tree and the type of soil that is best suited to it.

Some trees that you will find at Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery include the following:

  • Sweet Thorn (Acacia Karoo)
  • Paperbark Thorn (Acacia Xanthophloea)
  • Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)
  • Silver Birch (Betula Alba)
  • Wisteria (Bolusanthus Speciosus)
  • False Olive (Buddleya Saligna)
  • Leopard Tree (Caesalpinea Ferrea)
  • Bottle Brush (Callistemon Edeavour)

These are just a few for you to choose from. We strongly recommend paying a visit to our nursery, so that we can show you our entire collection and help you with making a wise choice.

Come to Windy Willows and Choose from a Wide Selection of Trees for Sale

If you are ready to invest in a tree for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Windy Willows is the perfect place to go. Get good quality trees at wholesale prices here. Simply pay us a visit or get in touch with us via email or telephone today.