Landscaping is about so much more than beautifying your garden, although this is a primary reason why many homeowners opt to employ a landscaper’s services. Landscaping exists, however, to give your garden the boost it needs in order to flourish sustainably. Plenty of homeowners spend thousands of rands attempting to remedy issues in their backyard when a landscape artist could have done it sooner – for a lot less money. Here, we explore some common signs that your garden requires some landscaping TLC.

Unhealthy Soil

Your yard’s soil is its primary lifeline. Many homeowners do not realise that there are various types of soil – and these types vary in texture, moisture retention, and acidity. When your plants and soil are not suited to each other, you may have a garden that never seems to look lush and full. Other issues with soil include pH levels, chemical contamination, and dirt that has too much sand or clay in it.

Poor Tree Placement

Trees are spectacular plants. They bring peace, privacy, and shelter to both animals and humans alike. Trees can also become a nightmare once their root systems break through residential foundations and begin to lift pavings. If you are at your wit’s end when it comes to where the trees in your garden are planted, then a landscaping artist will offer some valuable advice.

Weeds, Weeds, and More Weeds

One common complaint from homeowners is having weeds that not only strangle out their lawn, but affect the overall aesthetic of the yard. If you are having trouble dealing with a persistent weed problem, hiring a professional will save you the mistake of introducing toxic herbicides to your home.

A Sparse, Uneven Lawn

Some patches of grass just never seem to grow, no matter how much effort you exercise. Common causes include inadequate sunlight, pests, and lawn diseases. A professional landscaping artist will help you diagnose the issue and take appropriate action before it worsens.

Inadequate Drainage

A few rainy days in a row may quickly reveal to you that your yard is not draining well enough. If the roots of your plants do not receive enough air, they will begin to rot and die off. Unfortunately, drainage can be tricky in some gardens, so getting a professional opinion is your best bet of success.

Plant Diseases and Pests

Plant-eating diseases and pests (such as fungi, grubs, and slugs) could severely damage your plants if left to take over. Pesticides and fungicides are not always guaranteed to work either, and may be dangerous to certain plant life, animals, and even humans.

Hotchpotch Gardens

Some gardens are not carefully planned, and often include a variety of mismatched flowers, shrubs, and groundcovers. Not only do these yards seem chaotic and messy, but they often have issues, such as some plants stealing water, nutrients, and light from others. For an overarching theme that acts as an elegant extension of your home, hiring a landscaping professional is ideal.

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