Our Top 7 Most Popular Ground Covers for Sale

Ground covers are quite popular amongst landscapers and garden enthusiasts alike, and this is primarily due to how they create the illusion of a fuller, lusher yard. At Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery, we too are fans of ground covers, which is why we stock a wide variety of species in this category.

Ground covers are low-lying plants that creep out when spreading, offering coverage to a large area of the yard’s soil. There are numerous advantages to these plants, such as the fact that they make use of empty space, add depth and texture to a yard, protect soil from erosion, and stop the spread of weeds. Certain species are also perfect in areas where a lawnmower cannot reach grass, such as small corners and slopes. If you would love to add a low-maintenance, practical plant to your garden, then have a look below at our top seven ground covers for sale.

Hen and Chicken

Ideal as pot plants or under large trees where grass will not grow, hen and chicken plants (sometimes called hen-and-chicks or spider plants) love to grow under shady or semi-shade conditions. With evergreen leaves and a low need for water, the drought-tolerant, indigenous species is ideal for homeowners that do not have too much time to spend on gardening.

Carnation Sweet William

The Carnation Sweet William is a frost-hardy, exotic plant known for its stunning flowers in a variety of pinks, purples, and reds. The flowers themselves are known to attract birds and bees, and are also edible, as people commonly use them in salads, stews, and soups as decoration.

Silver Carpet

For a dense plant that chokes out weeds, Silver Carpet ground covers are your best bet. Known to thrive along the coast, this species is indigenous to South Africa, stays green all-year-round, and is ideal for planting amongst rockery or as an alternative to grass.

African Daisy

Known for various bright colours and unique petals, African Daisies do well when mass-planted in full sun along borders, flower beds, and even in hanging baskets. For homeowners who enjoy indigenous plants, the African Daisy is sure to liven up any yard.

Smelly Spur Flower

Also called Lobster Flowers, Smelly Spur Flowers have striking indigo and purple blossoms and succulent, aromatic leaves. Used in areas where not many other plants survive, this water-wise species reduces transpiration by reflecting sunlight, which keeps the plant cool in harsh heat.


Delicate heart-shaped leaves and dainty white, blue, and mauve flowers make up the Bacopa plant. Since this plant grows so easily, it is perfect for beginner gardeners looking for a sun-loving, evergreen species.

Wild Garlic

Another edible plant used in food, the leaves and flowers of the Tulbaghia Violacea smell strongly of garlic when crushed or bruised, which is likely where it gets its name. Wild Garlic ground covers have several medicinal properties and also repel snakes, fleas, and mosquitoes.

Whether you are looking for vegetation that is edible, keeps pests at bay, or looks fantastic in your rock garden, we have just what you need. For more information on our available products, please make use of our online plant selector or contact us today.