More Than Landscaping: Four Services We Offer That Make Us the Best in Gauteng

Many home and business owners who are interested in landscaping find that in order to do so, they need to source professionals from different companies. Driving about and making calls to different places in order to coordinate tasks that could be done by one plant nursery is not ideal. Nobody has the time to hire a landscaper, find a plant supplier, and look for the best deals in town. But what if you could find it all in one spot? At Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery, that is precisely what we offer our customers.

Partnering with us for your landscaping needs comes with many benefits – this is mostly because of our friendly, professional staff, and a range of fantastic services. If you are keen to know what we are all about, here are four services that we offer.

Plants Directly from the Farm

All our plants are grown on-site, which means that you will receive healthy plants at wholesale prices. When visiting us, you have a selection of over 200 species of everything – from groundcovers to indigenous trees. Our staff also know which plants would work best in your garden, so be sure to let us know what your needs are.

Landscaping Design Layouts and Installation

You may be hesitant to change your garden, but we guarantee that with our services, the final result will impress you. We offer free advice to all members of the public, but for an affordable fee, we will visit your home or business for a two-hour consultation. Landscaping is best left to the professionals, but you will have a say in everything, from your budget to each product used.

Rainwater Harvesting and Irrigation

Improper irrigation can lead to wasted water and a hike in your monthly bills. Not only will we help you to design and install irrigation systems, but rainwater harvesting systems too. In this way, you can turn your garden into a blooming, water-wise microclimate where plants, birds, and insects flourish.

A Wide Range of Products

What would a wholesale nursery be without stocking all you need to maintain your plant purchases? Now there is no need to visit several stores to get everything you require. At Windy Willows, we stock high-quality, cost-effective products such as:

  • lawn dressing;
  • compost and fertiliser;
  • pest control products; and
  • custom-order pots (pots catalogue can be requested).

Visit Us or Get in Touch

If you merely want to find a few plants to beautify your garden, why not try our new online plant selector? By selecting your preferences, such as the plant category or water needs, you can filter out what won’t work for your garden. For those who would like to try a little DIY landscaping, simply pop in with your ideas for a design and we will help you as best we can. To contact us, fill out an online contact form, or email us directly at For more information on our products, services, and promotions, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel.