Does Your Local Plant Nursery Offer These Services?

Aspiring botanists, horticulture enthusiasts, and beginner gardeners all need a plant nursery that will offer them quality products, advice, and services. If your local plant nursery is not providing you with everything you need, then you will find yourself travelling to different places in search of something that should have been found at one site. We at Windy Willows know that it is essential to help serve our customers in the best way we can, which is why we specialise in more than one service for our clientele.

A Wide Variety of Plants

Every garden has its own microclimate and biodiversity to be respected. The benefit of shopping at a nursery with a vast selection of plants is that you can choose additions to your home that will flourish with the kind of soil, humidity, sunshine, shade, and rainfall you have. At Windy Willows, we stock well over 200 species of trees, shrubs, ground covers, grasses, and perennials. You also have a choice between indigenous and exotic plants to plant yourself or utilise when you make use of our landscaping services.

Garden Landscaping

Have you ever looked at the state of your yard and thought that it could perhaps use some care? Landscaping is the perfect way to alter your terrain to suit your needs. Through landscaping, you can beautify your garden, make it appear larger, create a fun, recreational entertainment area, and even design a water-wise backyard.

Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

South Africa is in a state of crisis when it comes to drought, with many areas suffering arid conditions. Making the most of seasonal rainfall in your area is wise, and our rainwater harvesting solutions can help you do it. Our incremental water conservation and backup systems come in three different units that you can customise based on how much water you wish to store.

Irrigation Systems

We will give you advice on how to group your plants based on their water needs, as well as which irrigation systems would work best for the different areas of your yard. In the long run, landscaping and proper irrigation will save you water and money with your hassle-free garden.

Affordable Professionalism

For a wholesale nursery that employs friendly, well-trained staff and features outstanding services, you would expect our prices to be through the roof. Our affordability, however, is what makes us a favourite with our clients. Since we grow and propagate all our plants on-site, you are privy to the lowest possible farm prices on all your favourite varieties.

Choosing your ideal plant is easy with our online plant selector, which now allows you to filter out results you do not want to see. We also have a monthly mailing list that you can sign up for to keep up to date with our available plugs and prices. If you would like to know more about how we can help you with yard assessments, landscaping, and irrigation, then feel free to contact us online, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.