Getting the Most Out of Your Irrigation System

With the advent of DIY irrigation systems years ago, there was a massive uptick in the number of gardens that came under regular watering. Irrigation systems are deceptive, however, as while the vast majority of the running meters of any given system will be made of Polypipe that you simply trench into the soil, it’s the not so simple bits that make people falter. Even when you’re laying above-ground drip lines or similar irrigation that doesn’t require digging, what size is that pipe? How far are you travelling with it? How many nozzles are you feeding from that line, and what is their delivery rate per minute?

Without the calculations required and a more technical appreciation of the various components’ performance, irrigation remains guesswork. While not highly technical per component (although the larger gear-driven sprinklers are quite snazzy tech in their own right), irrigation systems become exponentially more complex with each running meter or each component added. Without a professional design, you’re going to bung pipe in the ground and take luck of the draw, which is both wasteful and unnecessary.



Pro versus DIY is Usually Night and Day

It’s wasteful because you’re definitely going to either save no time or money at all from a patchy irrigation system, or you’ll need to spend and keep spending to re-equip the system correctly over time, assuming you want everything to work as it should. An irrigation system is a huge convenience, and more than that, it’s a cheaper, more cost-effective way to water your garden.

Irrigation is one of those things that really has to be done right because a little bit of success is no success at all. If you have an irrigation system, but still have to schlep the hosepipe out from the shed to water regularly, that’s a lousy end result. And it’s unnecessary, because professional expertise is freely available in Gauteng, and here’s the clincher – irrigation doesn’t cost as much as most people anticipate. By way of comparison, the irrigation system in a typical suburban landscape costs anything from 10 to 20 per cent of the landscaping quote.

Seen from that point of view, it’s apparent that an irrigation system is a far lesser cost than the hard and soft landscaping you might install, but look at what a difference it makes! Because it’s relatively inexpensive, and because it acts as a safeguard for the well-being of the landscape it irrigates, keeping lawn and plants in tip-top condition, it’s easy to see why most customers opt for their landscaping and irrigation together, as a single installation.


Windy Willows Leads the Pack for Quick and Effective Irrigation

If you need water and you need it applied correctly, where you want it, and you want it at an affordable price, and you expect long term performance – call us! That’s a match made in heaven, as Windy Willows specialises in swiftly installing irrigation systems that give great results. We’re quick off the mark – we’ll respond the same day to your enquiry – and we like to give our customers a fair shake, which means quick and effective service at an affordable price.

Irrigation makes all the difference. Contact us and we’ll show just how much of a difference it can make, transforming lifeless areas into fields of green, saving you time, saving you money, and substantially increasing the value of your property in the process too.