DIY Garden Landscaping Versus Professional Services: Which is Better?

We live in an era of do-it-yourself projects. The internet is, after all, filled with helpful resources that makes just about everything look all too easy. Unfortunately, many homeowners attempt a DIY garden landscaping project, only to have it fail dismally. So, is there a clear way to determine whether or not professional landscaping services are worth your time and money? Below, we discuss some points to consider before settling on any options.

The Size of the Project

Planting a few flowers and laying out some gravel is not all too difficult and probably does not require much outside help. A total garden revamp, however, takes tons of know-how. A professional landscaper will be able to assess your yard’s microclimate, type of soil, and terrain with ease. Designing a whole new layout also takes time and energy that most people simply do not have – so leaving it to the professionals is probably best.

Finding the Best Products

Redoing a garden takes plenty of products – from plants to the right fertiliser. If you feel confident enough to find high-quality products at great prices on your own, then you might save some money. Professional landscaping artists, however, usually understand precisely what is needed in a garden and where to get the best deals.

An Outsider’s Perspective

Landscapers have a trained eye that quickly picks up on minor issues that may become a nightmare down the line. Planting a tree in the wrong location, for example, may cause its root systems to damage the house’s foundation. Placing the wrong plants beside each other could mean that one guzzles all the water, while the other withers and dies. With so much to consider, having an outsider’s perspective on your yard will help you to examine missed problems.

Some Services Require Certain Skills

Setting up an irrigation system or installing a custom rainwater harvesting solution requires specific skills one cannot learn on the internet in a few hours. To avoid costly mistakes and potentially causing long-term damage to your home, hiring a qualified landscaping artist with the right skills is sure to save you money in the long run.

Manpower Makes Quick Work of the Project

A complete garden overhaul can take months when tackled as a solo, DIY project. Some homeowners lose steam after a few weeks and ultimately abandon their original plans. To get the job done fast, efficiently, and with expert input during every step of the process, hiring outside help is the wisest way forward. Even if you feel you can manage the manual labour on your own, try to consult a landscaper when you find that you are unsure of what your next step should be.

When DIY Is Better

If you have enough free time to dedicate to your yard and find the process enjoyable, then a little outdoor improvement each day will likely make you the happiest. Talking to your local nursery about your ideas and evolving plans, however, remains a terrific idea.

Whether you want to hire a landscaping artist or get your own hands dirty, we at Windy Willows can help. With over 200 varieties of plants, as well as our highly trained staff, you can rely on us for great products, expert advice, and superb landscaping services.