Windy Willows: Your Number One Stop For Landscaping Advice

If you are in need of landscaping advice, then Windy Willows is the place to be. Landscaping offers clients a creative way of modifying their garden space and is a great option for anyone who loves to spend quality time in their garden. Redesigning your garden can be as simple or complex as you like and can include anything from the installation of water features to the creation of new flower beds or paths.

We are a wholesale growing nursery with over 200 types of shrubs, trees, perennial flowers, grasses, and ground covers. Our diverse range includes both indigenous and exotic plants, and there is thus something for everyone no matter if you are a water-wise warrior, a foodie who wants to grow a vegetable patch or an avid succulent fan. Our skilled staff will happily advise you on how they can best enhance your garden area. When it comes to landscaping support, we offer customers a few different options. These include:

  • A Free In-Store Consultation: These free consultations happen at our nursery, and customers are advised to bring a photograph or diagram of their garden with them. We will happily advise you on what plants will work in your space and give you helpful ideas about what plants to put where. This is a great option for those who need a bit of extra support but do not want to pay for a comprehensive consultation.
  • An In-House Consultation: For a competitive fee, you can also opt for a 2-hour consultation at your home. One of our qualified landscapers will analyse your space and offer you invaluable advice about what planting options are best suited to your garden.

Clients can choose between installing their new garden themselves or hiring a landscaping team. This is beneficial for customers who might need irrigation work, paving, or brickwork. We will also help you to design a garden that suits your budget needs. Installations can be done in various stages and this allows customers to save as needed.

Why Landscaping Advice is Valuable

Getting the correct information before you embark on a big garden project is always a great idea. It will enable you to plan ahead and will introduce you to new plants and concepts that you might now have known about. Landscaping consultations will usually cover advice on the following topics:

  • Finding savvy ways to save water.
  • Introducing more indigenous plants into your landscape.
  • Planting in ways that maximise your space.
  • Knowing which plants will attract birds or insects.
  • Properly preparing your flower beds and understanding what soil to use.
  • Knowing what plants to plant at the front and which ones to plant at the back.

If you are in the Johannesburg area, contact us today and we will gladly chat to you about our landscaping options. We are a mere 10-minute drive from the North Gate Shopping Centre and have a number of products on offer at wholesale prices. Whether you need gardening inspiration, landscaping support, rainwater-harvesting systems, or a custom order, we can help you out. Get in touch today and make the Windy Willows family part of your next gardening or landscaping project.