3 Transformative Benefits of Hiring a Landscaping Artist

Garden design has been around since ancient times. For as long as people have been planting things, they have been doing so in a way that works best for them. The earliest found garden landscaping plan is highly detailed and well developed and dates back to around 1 400 BCE. The garden itself belonged to an Egyptian high court official and included tree-lined pathways, ponds, and pavilions. Ancient Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Rome, and Greece also have evidence of advanced landscaping. So, why has garden design always been so popular? And, more specifically, is there any benefit to hiring a professional landscape artist these days? We discover the reasons below.

  1. It Makes Financial Sense

While initially getting the landscaper in for a consultation and giving the go-ahead on the design plan does cost money, it makes more financial sense in the long run. Firstly, homeowners with little to no experience often purchase plants that do not work well for their gardens. Eventually, due to the local climate, soil type, and the general microclimate, these plants may die. For some, this could mean a loss of thousands of rands. Secondly, certain trees have root systems that can damage a home’s foundations, walkways, and paving, leading to costly services to fix the problem. Finally, a beautiful yard adds curb appeal – it increases the value of your property, and while selling, increases your likelihood of better offers.

  1. The Social and Cultural Advantages

A poorly designed garden can cause endless headaches and frustrations – they take too much effort to maintain and never seem to look any better. Landscaping offers homeowners professional advice on set-ups that will not only flourish in their yard but accommodate their lifestyles too. If you have little time to water your plants, for example, your landscaper can help you with products that require minimal maintenance.

The psychological effect of a beautiful garden cannot be disputed either. A tranquil yard that is home to birds, butterflies, and bees is sure to breathe life into your residence. Water features, cobblestone walkways, and elegant areas for entertaining guests also add a serene, liveable quality to the space. When your yard looks great, you will want to make use of it more often – and who would not benefit from a little more time spent in nature?

  1. A Positive Ecological Impact

The right garden will have a positive impact on the area’s biodiversity and ecosystems. By attracting insects and bird life to the area and even reducing storm water run-off, you would be improving your community. Within South Africa, there is also the constant struggle of low dam water levels, so xeriscaping (landscaping with the intention to conserve water) will help to save water.

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